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Asian Americans rise as a powerful voting bloc

What keeps us up at night? The dread that we will wake up on November 6, 2024, and learn that Trump has been elected president.

Worse yet, we fear that we will be asking ourselves, “Did we do everything we could to save our democracy?” Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) voters can be the key factor in stopping Trump in swing states. In 2020, AANHPI voters turned out in record numbers in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — states that President Biden won with less than 3% of the vote. In Arizona and Georgia, President Biden’s victory was less than 13,000 votes. The AANHPI vote could be the difference between democracy and dictatorship.

AA4D will bolster AANHPI voter turnout against Trump

Trump has made it clear — he will fire civil servants at federal agencies and erect detention camps to deport one million undocumented immigrants. Under a Trump presidency the 2015 Supreme Court decision that upheld Marriage Equality will be on the line. His Supreme Court appointees have already overturned Roe v. Wade and a federal ban on abortion could become a dystopian reality. He will impose martial law and deploy U.S. troops to squash public dissent. Authoritarian rule will replace due process and the rule of law.

We cannot allow a Trump presidency to happen again

AA4D will distribute funds we raise to AANHPI voter mobilization groups in swing states so that they can organize voter outreach campaigns, knock on doors, set up multilingual phone banks, and mount digital ad campaigns. We will turn out the AANHPI vote to be the margin of victory again.

A black and white photo of Donald Trump making a mocking face. Text reads: Who wants another 4 years of this?! Not us. There's a logo form AA4D in the bottom right corner.

An elderly man with white hair and a toddler-aged kid in superhero costumes with capes and goggles. Text above them reads: We have the power to stop Trump. There's a logo form AA4D in the bottom left corner.

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“Those who love peace must learn to organize as well as those who love war.”

Dr. Martin Luther King


Asian Americans for Democracy (AA4D) in partnership with CAPA 21 political action committee is endorsed by Amy Agbayani, former Gov. Ben Cayetano and Vicky Cayetano, Henry Der, Warren Furutani, former Rep. Mike Honda, David Henry Hwang, Bill Lann Lee, Dale Minami, Nobuko Miyamoto, Peggy Nagae, Angela Oh, George and Brad Takei, Tamlyn Tomita, Helen Zia and many others.

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Trusted Leaders

We are a group of community leaders, civil rights activists, attorneys, writers, artists, and educators with decades of experience in organizing and advocating.   

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Grassroots Groups

We are funding 501c4s organizations in swing states that have been vetted for effectiveness and impact — and that have the trust of their local communities.

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Collective Impact

By contributing, you are not only helping to defeat Trump but enabling the growth of Asian Pacific American political power. Friends, we have one shot at this. Join us.