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Asian American Power Network

Asian American Power Network logo

While digital ad creation and distribution and support for the APA voter mobilization c4 organizations is the top priority, AA4D will also fund the Asian American Power Network (AAPN), which is the hub for 12 APA voter mobilization c4 organizations in 11 states. They provide strategy, voter research, and campaign tools such as Hustle, a texting software, for the network. Monthly meetings allow network members to share best practices and tackle common problems. AAPN’s primary purpose is to incubate new organizations, share best practices and tactics for voter engagement, and implement a political strategy to move Asian Pacific Americans towards progressive perspectives.

AAPN is led by co-directors Mohan Seshadri and Timmy Lu. They would like to increase their current budget of $1.1 million to $3 million in 2024 to conduct more polling and issues research among APA voters, which will help groups fine tune their messaging for more effective voter turnout.