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Who we are

Veteran APA community leaders

Asian Americans for Democracy (AA4D) is a partner with CAPA21, the Asian American political action committee that has roots in the Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans (CAPA) founded in 1987 by Dale Minami and others as one of the country’s first Asian American PACS. AA4D’s organizing committee includes civil rights activists, artists and writers, and community leaders, including Kathy Ko Chin, Dianne Fukami, Carole Hayashino, Debra Nakatomi, Dale Minami, Dan Nguyen-Tan, Vincent Pan, Lia Shigemura, Eddie Wong, Helen Zia and Hoyt Zia.

We are joined by the CAPA21 leaders Ginger Lew, Dale Minami, Maeley Tom, and Tamlyn Tomita, as well as consultant Keith Kamisugi. 

We are singularly focused on defeating Trump by funding “get out the vote” efforts of state-based, local APA 501c4 groups in battleground states where the APA vote may make the deciding difference.

Graphic with text that reads: Help us activate Asian American voters to defeat Trump.

We would be honored if you joined us

This is a moment like no other in our country’s history. The future of a multiracial democracy rests in our hands. And your financial support will make a difference. Please join us and support our efforts today with a contribution.

Community supporters

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“I am so glad that you are all taking on this incredibly important work to resist Trump, MAGA and the far-right Republicans.  It is certainly a scary time in this country when democracy and the rule of law is on the line!”

Audee Kochiyama-Holman

Oakland, CA

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“We can now have hope that your collective effort will instill AAPI strength across the nation. I fear what our daily lives will be and what our children’s lives will be if Trump gets into office.”

Leianne Lamb

San Jose, CA