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Rising Voices logo, with a speech bubble with the shape of Michigan inside

President Biden won Michigan by 2.8% in 2020. AANHPIs are concentrated in five key counties throughout the state, which accounted for 58% of Biden’s votes in 2020. There are 221,045 eligible AANHPI voters whose votes will be critical at a time when Arab American and progressive voters are disaffected from Biden.

AA4D will fund Rising Voices, led by veteran organizers Jasmine Rivera and Regina Tsang, using creative relational outreach and digital/mail campaigns to build the progressive voting bloc throughout the state. They will anchor their canvass operations in Oakland and Macomb counties, the latter of which is a deeply purple area with a burgeoning AANHPI and BIPOC population, presenting unique needs and opportunities for in-language and specialized outreach. 

Rising Voices will be rooting their work in two critical State House seats, engaging communities with a more localized approach, while building trust and awareness to layer up and down the ballot across the state (president, U.S. house and senate seats, state supreme court). They will be growing their seven person staff with key hires and fine tuning their year-round canvass operations, which currently consists of a team of 11 canvassers with various language capacities.