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Logo for PA Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance featuring a line drawing of the Pennsylvania

The Keystone State has swung back and forth with Trump beating Hillary Clinton in 2016 by 44,292 votes (0.72%) and with Biden winning in 2020 by 80,555 (1.17%). While many AANHPI voters are concentrated in the heavily Democratic Philadelphia area, the AANHPI population is rapidly growing across the Commonwealth, and are the margin of victory not just at the statewide level but in many down ballot districts across Pennsylvania. There are 333,590 eligible AANHPI voters in Pennsylvania. 

The Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance (API PA) delivered the AANHPI vote in 2020, doubling AANHPI turnout. In 2022, microtargeted down ballot work enabled Dems to take back the state house. API PA has 15 core staff members who work year-round in Philadelphia, the surrounding suburbs and central PA. During campaign season, additional canvassers and staff bring the API PA to 100-150 staff people. In 2024, they plan to work in 20 Asian languages. 

Executive Director Mohan Seshadri is a veteran organizer and has built their field operations to a high level, i.e., 140,000 doors knocked, and 2.5 million phone calls made in the 2022 campaign. In 2024, API PA plans to expand their work to Pittsburgh and target 25 state legislative races as well as helping to flip to two U.S. House seats and protect two more.