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Freedom Action Now logo, featuring a fist

The Badger State gave Trump a narrow victory in 2016 with 22,748 votes only to reverse course in 2020 with Biden’s victory by 20,600 votes. There are 124,157 eligible APA voters in WI and 25% of them live in Milwaukee County which votes heavily for the Dems. Increasing the APA votes in Milwaukee County, especially among the Hmong, who are 29% of the APA state population, is critical to defeating Trump in WI.  

AA4D will fund Freedom Action Now (FAN), a Black and Southeast Asian led 501c4 organization. Based in Madison, WI,  FAN made 100,000 phone calls to Black and AAPI voters across the state during the Spring 2023 elections. In 2024, FAN plans to make 300,000 phone calls statewide, send 160,000 targeted in-language mailers, and provide culturally specific digital content with a 60,000 ad reach and engagement.

Freedom Action Now is led by Executive Director Mahnker Dahnweih, a Queer Feminist civic engagement strategist with 16 years of organizing experience.